A trauma-informed PhD path

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All of our paths will look different! Here’s just a few words about my own path I’ve been carving.

Mental health is more than just self-care

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“But mental health in the PhD program needs to be more than `take enough rest so that you can be productive’. ”

Trauma recovery often involves releasing shame

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Developing other measures of success and progress for yourself, and learn to reconnect with what makes you feel alive

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“A big part of trauma recovery is reconnecting with your here-and-now experiences. Trauma dissociates us, whereas trauma recovery associates us to the world around us.”

I believe most of our time should be spent on things that give us purpose

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Trauma recovery is a full-time job. Don’t expect speedy research


“I’d rather take those moments to reflect on how my next project might help people feel less alone, or more understood, or more empowered, or more inspired. Because my number one job is to help myself feel less alone, more understood, more empowered, and more inspired.”

“I personally think it makes my research special, with clear notes of self-compassion, non-judgment, clear vision, and optimism sprinkled throughout the pages.”

Someone in your classroom is struggling

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What you don’t like about yourself, you will criticize in others

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“But as you start to make peace with what you don’t totally like about yourself, you start feeling a lot kinder towards everyone around you. You become less defensive about your research, you review with kinder words, you understand your students struggles more, and you open yourself up to learn from people you would have written off in the past.”

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